Wednesday, June 15, 2011

blurry iPhone photography.

Yes, I's been over a month since I last blogged.  Give a girl a break!  To express my most sincere apologies (and prove how busy I've been) (and show off my cute baby) (and get a blog accomplished), here are some pics from my phone--because let's face it: sometimes the camera just isn't close enough.
 baby toes!


snugglin' wit my mama.

 ok, guys. we need to talk.

 oh heeeeeeyyyy. just me, bein' real cute.

 Sophie, try deez toes! dem are so delicious.

 ma, why you always hold that thing up? me jus' wanna eat yo face.

oh hippo! you make-a me so happy!

'nuff said.

hey udder baby Stella.  Howzit goin?

happiest baby on the block.

a real post coming soon, I swear! :)