Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Project 31: Day 10. MAC!!!

Topic: What are your favorite MAC products, and what foundation/powder do you use?

Oh, MAC.  How I adore your simply sophisticated black packaging, your slightly insane employees, and the loud music you play on Saturdays at the counter at Macy's.  You are like a drug to me, and after this post, I will probably have to go get a fix.  Here are the MAC products I lurrrrve:

Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation
Love the coverage; love that it's one step; love the sponge it comes with.  Always have a backup one at home so I will NEVER be without.  Amazeballs.

Various Brushes
I don't have all of these, but wish I did.  They are pricey, but SO worth it.  Love the way they feel, and love the way my shadow/blush look when I use them to apply.  Fabulous.

Oh. My. Stars.  I pride myself on the shocking number of lip products I carry with me, but as far as a colored gloss goes, this is hands down my favorite of all.  Love the million different colors they offer; love the texture (it's super thick, smooth, not sticky) and it even smells and tastes yummy.  Like vanilla icing. Holla!

X Mascara
Not clumpy, natural looking lashes.  Also dark enough that an extra coat (or two) make it versatile for day or night wear.  Love the applicator brush, too.

Yay MAC!  Please tell me your favorites so I can consider them on my next purchase. :)

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