Friday, April 1, 2011

Project 31: Day 8. Beauty is a Beast.

Is it wrong that I get completely jealous when my husband can get showered and ready to walk out the door in 10 minutes, and it takes me between 30-60, depending on where I'm headed?  Why don't boys have to jump through all our fashion hoops?

On the other hand, it's lots of fun to play with hair and makeup and clothes.  One thing I'm most excited to do in Myrtle Beach is my shopping spree at Forever 21! And I've blogged before about my absolute OBSESSION with Sephora...

Sad to say though, I don't really have any beauty SECRETS...I think of them more as weird things I do that relate to beauty.  Here's all I can think of:
  • I brush my teeth before my shower so I feel cleaner in the shower.
  • I wash from top to bottom because I feel cleaner that way.  (I do NOT roll in mud piles or anything, but I am a slight germaphobe.  And quirky OCD spaz.) Hair, face, then body.
  • For breakouts, I put either tea tree oil (love this line from The Body Shop), toothpaste, or diaper rash cream on problem areas and sleep on it.  Try the last two after your hubby goes to bed, or you will get some really concerned side glances from him.  Not super glam, but does the trick.
  • Once a week (sometimes more), I do a SUPER SHOWER: make the water super hot, leave my conditioner on for a really long time, and exfoliate everything I can.  LOVES.  Like my own little spa day.
I literally cannot think of anything else.  I guess I just rely on my inner beauty.  GAG. :) 
Happy Friday and Spring Break, my faithful readers! Stay tuned for updates of Stella Goes to the Beach!

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