Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

  • I am loving that this Saturday, we are leaving for the beach!  Baby Stella will meet her first waves, sandy beaches, salty air, and fun in the sun--complete with SPF 100 from my mom.  Totally pumped.
  • I am loving that my Cats are in the Final Four this weekend!  I so need them to win so my hubbs will be in a good mood for vacation.  C-A-T-S Cats, CATS, CATS!
  • I am not so much loving that my baby girl is still sick (it's been a month of stuffy nose, wheezing, and the cursed NASAL ASPIRATOR)...but I finally took her to the doctor (she wasn't acting sick, I promise) and got her some meds, which I thought she was too young for but actually wasn't.  SO, in light of that, I am loving that the top shelf of my refrigerator now houses a blast from my past--amoxicillian--a.k.a. BUBBLE GUM MEDICINE!  I opened the lid and sniffed my way down memory lane.  LOVE me some bubble gum medicine.  Loved Stella's face even more when I gave her some--her eyes got HUGE and she smiled really big.  Treat!
  • I am loving that my sweet 4th graders are so fantastic.  Not only did our class have the highest percentage of kids with all their Accelerated Reader points, but they also raised over $1300 for Jump Rope for Heart!!!!!  WOW!  Love their sweet little hearts.
What are YOU loving this wet, not-so-warm Wednesday?

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