Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project 31: Day 1. Fave Beauty Products.

I am obsessed with buying beauty products, because let's face it: they look good, they smell good, they feel good, and they will always fit.  (That last reason explains why I'm also obsessed with shopping for shoes and jewelry.  But I digress.)  The employees at Sephora get all excited when they see me comin'.  And in fact, Stella's first shopping experience in life involved a trip to my mecca--aka Sephora.  (If you're keeping score, she j'adored it.) 
My first job was at a store called The Body Shop (before I was 16!) in the mall, and I was hired because I had spent so much time in there as a customer, they knew that I knew the products and would be a good advocate for them.  I worked there off and on until I was 24 (!), so don't be surprised when you see some of their delicacies listed below. 
So in no particular order, ta daaaa! My Fave Beauty Products...

BODY: The Body Shop (see? I told ya!) Almond Body Butter

I actually love all their body butters.  My skin is only super dry in the wintertime, but I wear these products year-round.  Some of them are super heavy, so I can't wear those specific butters in the dead of summer because I sweat them off and look like a freakshow, but some flavor of BB can for sure always be found on my elbows, knees, and feet.

FACE: Duh. Anything Clinique.  I have super sensitive skin, and am allergic to most face care stuff.  Plus, I get peeved when my skin feels even the slightest bit dry or tight.  The result?  I literally use their entire face care line, but this is all I could fit in the pic.  Faves out of the pic are the 7-Day Scrub Cream, which is scrumptious (and the thought of DEAD skin touching me makes me all barfy--yay for ANY scrub)...and the intensive night cream, which is a rich, velvet-y delight.

HAIR: Aveda Self Control Hair Styling Stick and Smooth Infusion
 I would use all Aveda if I could afford it.  I think it all smells marvelous, but it must have like chunks of money in it or something because it all costs ... WELL BEYOND what my budget allows.  These two are must-haves, although I'm pretty sure my bestie (a hairdresser at an Aveda salon) told me that they don't make Self Control anymore, which is basically a knife straight in the heart.  Not cool, Aveda.  It's a good thing your stuff is like magic potions...

BODY (again): Victoria's Secret Very Sexy for Her
I mean, it just smells Ahh-Mazing.   That's really all their is to it.  I usually wear this on special nights out, or on my fat days where I at least want to smell good.

 BRONZER: Sephora (holla!) Sun Disk

This bad boy is GIGANITC and awesome.  It even smells good.  It's good for winter when you wish you were bronze because it doesn't look orange (and on me, lots of things do), but it's also good for summer because it's so natural-looking.  Unless I slather it on like paint when I'm feeling extra pale and ghostly...then not so much.

 EYES: Avon Twist Glimmerstick Diamond Liners
I originally bought them because Reese Witherspoon (their spokesman) told me they were awesome, and I'm a sucker for advertising gimmicks (and anything Reese Witherspoon--how cute is she?).  I love this navy color, but also have this in black and gray...and LOVE the shot of glittery fun they add.  "Aren't you a little old for glitter makeup, SJP?" you may be asking.  The answer is NO, and SHUT UP. Next!

HANDS: B&BW Antibacterial Hand Wash in Sunburst Tangerine
I'm not really sure that this counts as a beauty product, but it smells like summer and makes my hands all soft and non-germy.  So I included it in this list.

(back to) FACE: Sephora Face Brush
So we've established that I lumme some Sephora.  And we've established that I love anything that scrubs for that deep-clean feeling.  And we've established that my budget is tiny as a pea.  Ergo, the face brush! It's like those fancy Clairsonic ones that are like $200, but this one you have to move your own hand around(oh, the humanity!), and it only costs like $3. #winning!

HAIR: Chi Hair Straightener
This picture just made my bff/hairdresser cringe.  I use this sucker, but my hair is paying the price.  It is so broken and dead, that I style it sometimes and, in her words, look like Rod Stewart...

Yikes. Still my favorite hair styling product, though.

NAIL POLISH: OPI in Dutch Tulips
I swear, ya'll, this stuff has, like, color-changing abilities.  With some outfits, it looks pink...with others, it looks red.  I'm not kidding.  It drives me crazy to mix pink and red (hello, I'm not a Valentine), so this polish is good for me because I don't have to change it when I change my outfits.  Major plus.  I don't have time for all that anymore. 
 Well, there you have it.  Some of my verrrrrrry favorites.  Now tell me...what are YOURS?

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