Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Project 31: Day 4. My Blogstalk List.

Fact: I've always been nosy.  Within ten minutes of sitting down at a restaurant, I can tell you what's going on with the people at every table around me, because I completely eavesdrop on their convo.  I only feel a little guilty about it--but I'm not gonna tell anyone.  I just like to know what's going on.  I don't want to miss anything, and people watching is just plain fun. 

So when maternity leave came along, my nosiness (and the fact that I was trapped in the house with noone to people watch) mixed a little with my Ihavenoideawhattodowiththisnewbaby syndrome and my isanyoneelseastiredasIam-itis, and thus began my obsession with blogs.  I googled "baby blogs," then clicked around on other people's favorites, and discovered a world of internet people-watching!  So here are a few of my faves (most of which you can find right over there --> in a handy list). 
  • My new bff in internet space (whether she knows it or not!) is Melissa at Dear Baby.  I am IN LOVE with everything about her!  She takes amazing pictures of her precious baby Everly; she is an ahhhhmazing writer; and she gave me a great idea for my own StellaBabe.  She writes letters to Everly, and now to her baby-on-the-way Arlo.  They are beautiful.  They are honest. They make me cry.  This blog is a MUST READ, and I literally check in on her daily. Just love her!! (Melissa, if you're reading this, I'm not really as stalkerish as this might sound.  But you're SUPER CUTE!)
  • I also adore cute Julie at The Daily Julie. She writes about lots of different things--fashion, music, fun ebay finds...very cool and very interesting.
  • My real life friend Abby keeps a blog about her family at Snyder Stories.  Her son is positively PRESH, as is her blog. Check it out.
  • I am newly loving Thirty Handmade Days because it makes me want to be a craftier person.  So many cool ideas for crafties, recipes, and other things that I want and/or need in my life.
Check out my big list on the right...I am loving getting to "know" other people..but mostly love nosing through their business.  :)

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