Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am loving lots of things these days.  Lots of new things.  Here are some of them, in no particular order:
  • Today, I'm loving myself a few doses of this:

Every time I go back to school (at the beginning of the year, after a break, and now after maternity leave), I get sick.  No matter how much I GermX, take vitamins, try not to touch kids' pencils, etc...I always manage to catch some funk.  NO FUN. 
  • I am re-LOVING a whole bunch of this:

Now that I'm not acting as the milkmaiden around here, I have re-caffeinated myself...and maybe made up for some of the 10+ months I went without.  Yum.  Also helps the sore throat!! WINNING!!

  • I am LOVING signs of springtime!!!

    • I am LOVING that my daughter is a good sleeper.  Like for real good.  She naps, naps, naps...AND sleeps through the night!  (I'm probably jinxing us, and she'll pull an up-all-nighter's hoping I didn't.) Pat and I are both big sleepers, so this bodes well for us.
    • I am LOVING that we have Spring Break plans!  We are taking Stella to her first beach vacay...just Myrtle Beach, nbd, because we didn't want to spend our ENTIRE vacay in the car driving...but any beach works for me! 
    We're staying at a hotel we're familiar with...and I am also loving that the pool is on top of the parking garage, so it's really breezy and up high and you can still see and hear the beach, but don't have to be sandy! SCORE!  I am, however, slightly concerned about the scary amount of junk important stuff we'll have to take with us now that we are Price: Party of 3...but she's worth it.

    And finally...of course...I am LOVING this fun Interwebz find:

    Hope you had a great Wednesday!

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